The 2022 Louisiana Triathlon will be held on May 7th!

The Louisiana Triathlon includes an 800-meter swim, 18-mile bike ride around False River, and 5K run in historic New Roads. T


Entries are limited to 500 competitors.  Athletes may compete in the following division: Individual Age Group, Beginner Athlete, Open Relay, or Duathlon. 

the course




The swim is a self-seeded swim, with swimmers entering the water at the Satterfield's boat launch every 3-seconds.   
7:25am - Ainsley's Angels
7:30am – Self-seeded start for sprint distance (800M) males and females age group and relay swimmers
7:40am – (Approximately) Beginner distance (400M) males and females

Swim cutoff will be 8:15, allowing for a 30-minute swim or greater for the 800m course and 25-minutes+ for the 400m course. 

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The 18-mile course will take athletes around False River.   The course is manned with New Roads City police, Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Deputies, and volunteers at turns.  There are no aid stations on the bike course; however, there is an aid station at the exit of T2 for the run.  


Course cutoff for the bike will be 9:45, allowing for an hour and a half bike after the swim cutoff.  

LA Tri Bike 2016.png


The run is an out-and-back course in New Roads with an aid station at the exit of transition and around mile 1.5.  The right lane (lane closest to the sidewalk only) will be for runners!   We have water and Powerade at stations.   

The run cutoff is 10:30.

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Transition will take place across from New Roads City Hall.  Swimmers will exit the floating dock and continue up, into the City Hall parking lot and cross over into the transition area.  Racks will be assigned by groups (ex: 1-15, 16-30, etc.); however, the groups will be first come, first served. 



Because this will be a closed course, the City of New Roads and Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Office are enforcing a course cutoff for the swim and bike.  The times are very generous and we need to be respectful of the community.  Should you remain on the run course after 10:00, you will be allowed to use the sidewalk until 10:30.  Below are the cutoff times for each closed course.  

SWIM - 8:20

BIKE - 9:45

RUN - 10:30




  • Overall Male and Female

  • Overall  Masters Male and Female

  • Overall Grand Masters Male and Female

  • Age Group 1st - 3rd, Male and Female

    • 19 and under ​

    • 20-24

    • 25-29

    • 30-34

    • 35-39

    • 40-44

    • 45-49

    • 50-54

    • 55-59

    • 60-64

    • 65-69

    • 70-74

  • Overall Relay​


  • 1st - 3rd Male

  • 1st - 3rd Female


  • 1st - 3rd Male

  • 1st - 3rd Female



Louisiana Triathlon is a USAT Sanctioned event and all rules apply.  Please see the USAT competitive rules to avoid penalties or disqualification.  

USAT Rules

Most Commonly Violated Rules



What type of Triathlon is this and what are the distances?
A: This is a sprint distance triathlon with an 800m swim, 18.6 mile bike, and 5K run with beginner, relay, and duathlon divisions.  

How many years has this triathlon taken place?
A: This triathlon is in its 27th year, beginning in 1989. 

Who can participate in the triathlon?
A: The race is open to professional triathletes, age group amateurs, relay teams, duathletes, and beginners. All participants must be 16 years of age or older.

How many entry spots are available to participants?
A: The race is capped at 350 entries. This is primarily due to the space available in transition and the time constraints on the race course.

Is this a good race for first-timers?
A: Yes, but proper training is recommended.  We advise first-timers to compete in the 400m beginner division. 

Where does the race take place?
A: The race is held in and around False River. For more information on the course, CLICK HERE.

When will the race take place?
A: The race will take place on May 13, 2017.

What is the weather and water temperature in May in New Roads?

A: The weather can vary greatly at this time of year. Generally, the weather is mild in the 70's and 80's; however some years have seen low 60's and some have seen upper 90's. The water temperature typically boarders wetsuit legal temperatures, around 78 degrees.  



How can I register for this triathlon?
A: Visit our registration website at imathlete.com.

Do I need to be a certain age to compete in this triathlon?

A: Yes, you must be 16 years of age.

What are the entry fees? 
A: Individual registration starts at $65.  See our registration page for details.

What is your refund and deferral policy?
A: We cannot refund entry fees. This isn't because we are purchasing a vacation home in the Caribbean. It is because it takes an enormous effort and funding to stage a triathlon like ours. From venue agreements, signage, food/drink, shirts, goodies, marking chalk, DJ, timing, office supplies, law enforcement, volunteer support, bike rack rentals, trash, bib numbers, permits, sanctioning fees, barricade usage, awards, finishers prizes....even a couple thousand safety pins.....it adds up quick and all that money is already spent by race day, whether you race or not. (However, please DO come pick up your race packet if you can't race - the shirt/goodies ARE yours as part of your entry fee.) WE DO NOT MAIL OUT PACKETS AFTER THE EVENT. If you know you are not racing, your friend may pick up your packet, which will not a contain race number.

Those on relay teams must find a replacement. There are no refunds or deferrals for relay teams or team members.


What airport should I fly in to for the event?

A: BTR - Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport www.flybtr.com


MSY - New Orleans International Airport - http://www.flybtr.com/

Where can I park on race day?
Parking will be available at the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board, 337 Napoleon St., New Roads, LA. This is located just a few blocks away from transition. Parking WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON MAIN STREET OR IN THE MORRISON PARKWAY LOTS (lots in the Morel’s and Satterfield’s Restaurants). Cars parked on Main St. or Morrison Parkway WILL BE TOWED at the owner's expense. RKF has a positive working relationship with the City and merchants of New Roads. Part of that relationship means that street parking MUST be left for local restaurant customers and those attending Crawfish Jams.

VIPs: You will have the lot across from transition. When you arrive, your concierge will be waiting for you with your parking pass to hang from your vehicle. Give them your name and they will let you know where to park your ride.



How do I confirm that I am registered for the race?
A: You will receive a confirmation email after registering.  Please contact the race director if it is not received.

What is the event schedule?
A: The race takes place Saturday morning with the swim beginning at 7:30am. Packet pick-up takes place on Saturday and days prior in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette area. For more information, CLICK HERE.

What am I required to attend as a participant?
A: Every participant including individual members of relay teams MUST sign in and pick up their own packet at one of the scheduled pick ups. 

When do I pick up my packet?
A: Packet pickups will be offered in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Roads during the week of the race.  Race day pickup is also available; however, we encourage you to pick them up prior to race day to avoid lines. 

What items will I need during packet pick-up?
A: Each participant MUST bring a valid ID. All annual USAT members must bring their membership card.

When do I get body marked?
A: On race day.

When do I rack my bike?
A: Saturday, prior to the race start.

When do I receive my timing chip?
A: At packet pickup.

May a friend or family member pick up my race packet for me?
A: No.


Where is the swim start?
A: The swim start is at the floating dock, next to False River Paddle Club.  Use the address 108 E Main St., New Roads to find the location. 

What attire is allowed or not allowed on the swim?
A: Goggles, neoprene caps, and neoprene socks ARE allowed. You will be provided with a colored swim cap that you must wear to denote your age group. Gloves are NOT allowed.  Wetsuits are allowed if the water temperature is below 78 degrees.

What is the water temperature in the lake?
A: Typically between 72 and 82 degrees.

What happens if I need help during the swim?
A: There will be boats, kayaks, paddle boards, and water safety teams out on the water during the swim. They are available if you need to grab onto a boat or kayak for a minute to rest or re-orient yourself. This action will not incur a penalty; however, no forward progress should be made while hanging on to the kayak or SUP.  They are there for rescue as well if you determine you cannot finish the swim and wish to drop out of the race.

What is the cut-off time for the swim and what happens if I don't make it in the time allotted?
A: There is no cut-off.

How far is the swim exit from the main transition?
A: It is about 200 meters and up a set of stairs into the City of New Roads parking lot.



Can my friends and family wait for me by my bike in transition?
A: No, only participants are allowed in transition.

Can my friends and family decorate my bike position area in transition?
A: NO decorations are allowed including signage, balloons, stuffed animals, etc.

Are stationary bicycle trainers allowed in transition?
A: No

What type of bicycle is best for this race?
A: A triathlon/time-trial bicycle or a traditional road bike configuration is best.

What is the elevation of the bike course?
A: Flat. An elevation map can be found on our website: CLICK HERE

Where can I get my bicycle tuned up prior to the race?
A: The Bicycle Shop staff will be on hand in transition and on the course to assist with bike support. However, be patient as they make their way to you in transition or on course.  We recommended you properly air your tires and have it tuned up the week of the race. 



What types of surfaces will I encounter on the run?
A: The run course is made up of asphalt and sidewalk.

Is the run course a closed course?
A: No, you will encounter participants that may pass you on the course. Be careful and stay focused. Some parts of the course are narrow, so be kind and courteous to other participants.

Where is the finish line?
A: The finish line is located in the parking lot next to The Landing.  The Crawfish Jams also takes place after the triathlon.

Can my friends and family cross the finish line with me?
A: No, only participants may cross the finish line.

Will I receive anything when I finish?
A: You will receive water and a finisher's pint glass. Jambalaya will also be available!



Where are the aid stations located throughout the course?
A: Transition, Swim Exit, and at each mile along the run course.

What is available at the aid stations?
A: Water and PowerAde. 


What does it mean to compete on a relay team?
A: A relay team is made up of two to three participants who each participate in one leg of the triathlon. Each participant will have their own disposable chip, but must 'tag' the next member before beginning the next leg of the race. 

When and where do the relay teammates switch off for the next leg?
A: The cyclist and the runner must wait in transition by the team's specific bicycle placement on the bike racks. The swimmer tags the cyclist and then the cyclist may unrack the bike. The cyclist racks the bike, then tags the runner.

When do the cyclist and runner need to be in place in the transition area?
A: 7:00 AM. No exceptions or excuses.



How can I volunteer for the event?
A: We need and accept many volunteers for this race. CLICK HERE for more information.

Where is the best place to watch the race?
A: Morrison parkway will be the site of race start.  The best place to watch transition will be on Main St., next to Ma Mama's or Satterfield's.  

How can I view or track race results?
A: Results will be posted as participants finish.  Results will be available HERE



When is the awards ceremony?
A: The awards ceremony will take place at Morrison Parkway, near Satterfield's, at approximately 11:00 am.

Who receives awards?
A: The top three finishers in each age group will receive awards.  Overall will also be given to males and females in the following divisions: Open Relay, Duathlon, and Beginner Athletes.

Where can I find race photos?
A: FREE race photos will be available through yoursportingimage.com

MAY 7, 2022 - FALSE RIVER, LOUISIANA - 800m / 18mi / 5K