Registration is now open for 2022!  Entries are limited to 500 participants. Athletes may compete in the following division: Individual, Beginner Athlete, Duathlon, or Open Relay. 


Compete in your age group and race the full sprint distance with an 800m swim, 18mi bike, and 5K run. 


Relay teams may consist of 2 or 3 people, completing all 3 legs of the race.  Upon entering T1, the swimmer must 'tag' the cyclist, at which point the cyclist may unrack the bike and exit transition.  During T2, the cyclist must rack their bike, then 'tag' the runner, at which point the runner may exit transition.  Athletes cannot have a time advantage by having a bike unracked ahead of the swimmer coming in or begin running before the bike is racked.  


Triathletes competing in the beginner division will start in the last wave of the triathlon.  The swim will be an out-and-back 400m swim and all other distances for the sprint triathlon will remain the same.  See the swim section for more information.  


Athletes competing in the duathlon division will begin 10 minutes after race start, at 7:40, with the first male wave.  This is a bike/run duathlon, consisting of an 18-mile bike and 5K run.  The start line will be at the dismount line, at the exit of transition.

MAY 7, 2022 - FALSE RIVER, LOUISIANA - 800m / 18mi / 5K